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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I feel that another shade of subtlety would make this film even better. Its overt hatred of the lure of fame and wealth is a little overwhelming. However, having seen Aleks other work, subtlety isn't his style.

|~Snow Snow For Lucy~| |~Snow Snow For Lucy~|

Rated 5 / 5 stars


If Vince and Lucy ever have kids, it would wind up not having any arms OR legs. Then Mr. Vallentine would have some more horribly depressing material to make a flash about.

WGJ4K: Robert Burgless WGJ4K: Robert Burgless

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Terrible Nostalgia Trip

I listened to the whole thing, god help me, and the whole time not really processing what was being said, because i was too busy recalling how similar this episode was to my childhood. The raised voices and smashing lamps and glass was terrifying and horrible as i recall rocking myself to sleep and muttering happy thoughts to drown out the smashing and yelling. So, thanks? Funny beginning, though.

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Champion Champion

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Fun for 8 lvls.

Its fun, up until i got the no power bar upgrade and then it became piss easy from then on. So it was an awesome game up until level 8 until you would either lose terribly or never ever lose.

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Forward [Ben Lepper, SwS, Will RP, Drewpy] Forward [Ben Lepper, SwS, Will RP, Drewpy]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

At you and your collaborators level of skill, I can only critique this song on a personal-taste aspect and not on a technical aspect. You guys really know how to make a quality song in terms of mixing, sound design, synth design, and other technical whatnot. This track (and your other ones as well) are of the highest quality and I can't imagine you making anything other than quality music.

If I am to review this song based on creativity and originality, I don't think it brings a lot to the table. At six and a half minutes, it overstayed its welcome. I feel that there isn't enough content to justify such a long song. There are some great ideas in this song; specifically I liked the guitar at 0:32 and 4:17, though these cool ideas are spread out and repeat themselves infrequently. I get that the motif established by the guitar is carried throughout the song on different instruments, though it's not an interesting enough of a motif to carry the whole six minutes. I completely understand that this drawn-out style could be the nature of epic trance and I just don't understand the genre a lot.

A minor criticism is that I don't particularly like songs with sampled movie quotes. This is a rather petty critique, but I still think that quotes don't add anything to a song. I do appreciate how you tied the quote back into the song at the end to remind the listener of the theme. It just seems to me that if you want to control the imagery a person gets from a song, you should add lyrics, not quotes. My final petty critique is that I thought the "pop" sound at 1:46 was dumb and out of place. I would refrain from using sound effects that could break the mood you are building.

Please don't get the wrong idea from me, you really do make amazing music. "The Bard" is a genius song and I think it is a perfect example of excellent songwriting and technical proficiency. This whole review is mostly based on personal preference and is not to be meant as an indictment of your skill as a musician. I would love to hear more of your music in the future. Never stop creating!!

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Drewpy responds:

Thank you so much for your review! All of the 'petty critiques' you stated were risks for us in terms of songwriting. I very much appreciate this kind of criticism, as it gives me room to grow and improve areas where I may not be as strong. It means a lot, thanks again!!!

electrodes electrodes

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad at all! There are some really awesome things happening in this song. However, I listened to your other songs and I think this is the weakest of the three. That being said, it is still a very good song and I think you make amazing music.

You really know how to make a thumping bass line and the drums are driving and rhythmically interesting. Also, I love how you mixed synthetic drum sounds with real drum samples as you did with the first 16 seconds of this song. Another great part is the build-up, especially between 0:49 and 1:05, then again between 2:35 and 3:07. Those parts really got me pumped, however when the drop came I was disappointed. Instead of continuing with the same energy it fizzled out and sounded more like an outro than a drop. To improve it, try placing the drums and bass from 1:05 through 1:21 under the synths from 0:49 through 1:05. This is just a suggestion, you do what you want.

It seemed that part of your intro was backwards in terms of the tension build-up. What I mean is 0:32 to 0:49 sounded like it should come after 0:49 to 1:05. If that was how you wanted it thats ok, but it does come across as confusing. Also, there is a very abrupt transition at 0:32. I would try to smooth it out somehow, possibly by adding some synths shortly before and swell into 0:32. In fact there are several places in your song where there are abrupt changes that could be smoother. These rough changes are at 0:32, 1:38, and 2:18.

You are obviously a very capable and creative artist. Your synth design is awesome, the whole thing is mixed very well, and you have great ideas that really created a strong emotional reaction. Your song "The Force" is a superb example of that. It is simple in its concept, but it is extremely well executed and kept getting better second to second. I can't think of a single critique of that song.

I hope to hear more of your music in the future.

LWYD (Instrumental) LWYD (Instrumental)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hello, I saw the post you made in the review request club forum and thought I would give your music a go. I took a listen to all of the songs you have submitted, and all I can say is holy f**k, this is some good s**t. I can't leave a review for every song, but this review can apply to all of them.

I can't point to a single song of yours that I didn't like. Each one is professional and mixed extremely well. I also enjoyed the subtle use of panning various instruments around the aural stage, which is something that is almost never done here on Newgrounds. I can tell that some of these instruments are sampled, but they are high quality samples and it doesn't detract from the music one bit.

Every song here is radio ready. Even as instrumentals, they are unique and interesting enough to keep me listening all the way through. The fact that you specifically labeled them all instrumentals leads me to believe that there are versions of them that do have lyrics. If that is the case, I would kill to hear them. Each song has a distinct feel to them, and I agree with how you arranged them into playlists as each list had its own overall attitude similarity. Something that you managed to do that most professional have never figured out is how to create music that is different enough from song to song and but still remains squarely inside their style. You, on the other hand, have created music that keeps me listening while continuing be original every time and yet distinctly your own.

To make my compliments more clear, I'll use this song as an example. It starts off with a sexy all-the-boys-want-me bass and drum intro and a few synth accents to keep it interesting. The hi-hat comes in and I can feel it leading up to something, and with a simple 2 beat drum fill the guitars start with a cool and retro surfer tone. Now its back to the sexy beat and a repeat of the guitar part. At 1:40 is where the song went from good to great in my opinion. The whole attitude change was super effective, and the choice of instruments was just perfect. It is an unusual sounding kick drum you chose, though I think it created great dissonance with the simple and music-box-like style of the keys. Your song concludes with one more verse of the guitars and ended on the sexy beat. It was creative and satisfying, and the perfect length as to not overstay its welcome. 5 stars.

It's obvious you are not a novice to music. The production is excellent, the playing is clean and practiced, and the song-writing is fresh. I can bet this is not your first musical debut. You and whomever you may have worked with are professionals - who if doesn't do this for a living - has spent a good deal of their life dedicated to the craft. This leaves me wondering why you are bothering asking around Newgrounds of all places for reviews. You know you are good, and you don't need the approval of slo-mo-joes like me.

I will definitely be keeping an eye on any more music you might release here. Thanks for the wonderful music and never stop creating.

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MIMOSAXL responds:

Hi Sipher,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to write such a detailed, relevant (and very uplifiting) review! This is much appreciated! :)

I actually do all of this by myself. I wouldn't label myself as a professional as my music is far from paying the bills for now. But yes, I have and still put a lot of time, efforts and heart into it and will continue to do so for as long as I can.

I originally put some of my songs on here hoping that some people could possibly be interested in using some of them for their project as I have always loved gaming and animated series.

Having some more reviews from "slo-mo-joes" like you and me would actually be great (but not that easy, it seems).

Regarding songs with lyrics, here is a link to my website in case you want to hear these:

Don't hesitate to let me know what you think.

Thanks again for everything,